Wake up…

The time for me has come to get political. Despite all propaganda in the mainstream media and the chances of being called a conspiracy theorist I’ve decided to join the people who are trying to bring more clarity into the foggy panic driven media landscape of our current world.

This is why I will from now on add a new category of posts called “great reset” which in my humble opinion is the goal of the world elite. Many people and channels all over the web have convinced me that we’re seeing a global agenda being forced on to us over since the start of the corona crisis. I want to write and talk about everything from an artist point of view, as a free individual who is considering creativity and freedom of speech the most valuable things that humans can have and which is worth fighting for.

I can only encourage you to think for yourself, wake up and help others to understand which plans we are currently subdued to by our politicians and the finanacial global elite.

For my german viewers I want to start with this perfectly clear overview of what situation we are in from an economic point of view: