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Just like most hobby artists the amount of spare free time i can spend on drawing and painting is greatly limited by my daytime job which is paying the bills. I don’t do art for the money, but to be able to spend more time on art i must make sure i can feed my lovely cats and wife.

So for clarity’s sake you will find the following information on how to support me.

For those who want to support me on my lifetime goal of becoming a capable painter and create more paintings i’ve setup some ways of monetarisation that help me slowly shift some hours from may daytime job to my true passion and also to buy new equipment from time to time.


You can donate small amount via Ko-Fi or any amount with paypal directly. Just follow the buttons / links i’ve set up:

donate via Ko-fi:

donate via Paypal:

…Really any amount you donate helps me create more content to offer on a patreon asap!

Affiliate Links

I’m setting up affiliate links for the products i use and love. Whenever you follow such a link and buy the product i receive a small fee which also helps me “buy some time for art”. Please rest assured that I would never recommend crappy products just to fill my pockets!

Social Media

If you like this blog and/or my paintings I’m always thankful for subscriptions and followers on all of my social media channels and sources of inspiration. Every subscription motivates me and helps me to build a fantastic fanbase i’d love to create awesome inspiring content for =)!


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Thank you for reading this far. Your interest is highly appreciated <3,

best regards,