color study

“Awww c’mon, let’s just do a quick one before we head to bed…”

(40 minutes later)

“Memo to me:
– The background has got to be a lot brighter to make the pedals pop more. Gotta implement more of the many interesting patterns which are all over the place…
– Avoid complex flower arrangements as reference when doing a “quick (color) study

As usual you can find the reference on my tumblr channel

Art accidents

Sometimes you don’t intend ANYTHING at all clicking around in a new document for a few seconds and then all of a sudden your soon to be wife screams from excitement …

“DON’T TOUCH THAT! – Don’t you see it?!? Its a Hollywood-Kiss!” So she added the eyes and some rosy cheeks, and voilá!

…and make sure you get the complete experience with this iconic sound design straight from the genius behind this piece!

Well, I was about to blog that this was not a productive day at all, but I guess it was.

color study

I’ve been watching part of Peter Chans training on Seeing colours, so I thought I could give it a try. Doing this exercise was incredibly entertaining and relaxing. It helps me focus on simple shapes and of course colour.

Unfortunately I don’t know the original phtographer because it wasn’t tagged but you should be able to find it over on my tumblr channel

Three Questions

In the past 1 1/2 years we have all experienced a whole lot of changes. The corona crisis has forced everybody to think and behave differently in one way or another. For me it has ignited an internal process of questioning. After decades of an “ignorance is bliss” attitude I am now questioning things. I’ve begun to question politics, economics, media and my own consumptional habits like never before.

After keeping this blog a private playground for my artistic journey for years, I’ve realised, that I want to grow and expand, not only in terms of art but also as a critical member of the society. I really want to contribute to make this world a better place, and since I’m not an poet or messenger myself I rely on posting videos of people whose messages I admire and consider valuable.

So despite the fact that I generally support the “consume less media” statement I’ll share this video with you hoping that you’re gonna find answers about yourself, which enable you to change…