Welcome to the world of NFT

I’ve just recently opened the portal to the world of NFTs, and I’m looking forward to support some great artist!

To be able to stay up to date with latest trends and technology I’ve changed my workflow . This includes and isn’t limited to photobashing, AI and 3D. I hope you’re gonna love it as much as I do. The next couple of months i’ll be trying to focus on more daily output…Fingers crossed ;)!

mood painting

Only a little test in PaintStorm because clearly my hunger for snow wasn’t satisfied this year yet… I’m recording a timelapse for fun as well.

I’ll have to push the clarity of shapes and the separation of values a little more. Lots of routes to go from here.

color study

I like this one for the “classical” backdrop color and simplicity of the composition.

I guess the color of the vase should have been pushed more towards blue, and despite the reference I could have improved the value seperation betwenn fg and bg as well as the shadow side of the vase…

color study

“Awww c’mon, let’s just do a quick one before we head to bed…”

(40 minutes later)

“Memo to me:
– The background has got to be a lot brighter to make the pedals pop more. Gotta implement more of the many interesting patterns which are all over the place…
– Avoid complex flower arrangements as reference when doing a “quick (color) study

As usual you can find the reference on my tumblr channel

color study

I’ve been watching part of Peter Chans training on Seeing colours, so I thought I could give it a try. Doing this exercise was incredibly entertaining and relaxing. It helps me focus on simple shapes and of course colour.

Unfortunately I don’t know the original phtographer because it wasn’t tagged but you should be able to find it over on my tumblr channel