Tooltip – EscapeMotion’s Rebelle

Fellow readers, 

this post is dedicated to the latest tool I’ll be adding to my personal tool arsenal:

Escape Motion Rebelle

This marvelous little program is just brilliant and it has the potential to quickly become a must-have tool for any digital painter with a traditional backround. Why? Rebelle is simply unrivaled when it comes to watercolor simulation. Over the last 5 years I’ve been beta testing many tools like moxi, expressii and others, and none of them matches Rebelle’s quality and ease of use. Furthermore its’ stabilty and price make buying this piece of software a no-brainer. Without hesitation I’d love to recommend getting Rebelle, which really takes traditional painting simulation to a whole new level. Make sure you check out their demo and support the authors of this incredible application.


study 14 – stormdoodle

I shouldn’t call this a study, simply because it was a random doodle to relax. I’m looking forward to finish this one day. Also it’s nice to find some time for non-website related image magic and posting! Feels good, damnit 😉 …

study 13 – ambience

Not sure what happened, but I call it a study… Considering I had no reference for this I like the mood. The composition unfortunately sucks. The lower half/third works better on its own…?!

study 12 – cinematic lighting

All refs taken from Alien (1979)… more studies to come. This is fun!

Edit: I added a couple of last minute fixes: usually I dont fix my mistakes even when I see them. Thats a bad habit and I’ll try to polish all studies more from now on or at least dont be so sloppy about it.

study 11 – 60sec / 6min

20 minutes, 20 gesture scribbles

…aproximately 6 minutes each…

I was about to start with 30 second gestures but from my experience I’m too slow for that so I started with 20 x 60sec poses. After that I started three 6 minute gestures. I wish the three last ones were 60 second sketches. Seems possible to me…

By the way, the reference images come from Make sure you check it out! I even contributed a donation to their upcoming app which I’m really looking forward to.

Mobile fun!… 

Sometimes I want to share silly stuff like photos or doodles… or photodoodles, so I’m now ready to post on the go via my mobile! You gotta love the digital age… 

… sad moments are everywhere… Fortunately the mana machine is just around the corner!